Veep: Season 6

Tony Hale Reveals Gary Walsh's Ultimate Joy

The actor behind Selina Meyer’s most devoted staffer opens up about all things Veep. (Season 6 spoilers ahead.)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Makes History With Sixth Emmy Win

At the 2017 Emmys, Julia Louis-Dreyfus made Emmy history by winning the most consecutive awards by an actor for the same role.

Selina procrastinates on writing her memoir; Dan tries to charm his co-worker; Amy is out of place.
Selina and her team visit Hughes' presidential library.
Selina helps monitor a Eurasian country's first democratic election; Mike and Gary cover up a major mishap.
Selina attends a Supreme Court Justice's funeral; Amy works on Selina's library; Jonah embraces an issue.
Selina finds a library location; Dan lands in a gossip column; Mike and Selina work on her book. Jonah tries to cement a big donation.
Selina visits Qatar. In D.C., Jonah gets a dinner invite. Dan gets an unexpected visit from an HR rep. Catherine and Marjorie have big news.
While her staff prepares for her portrait unveiling, Selina and Mike try to finish her book.
Selina takes a trip; Dan woos Jonah for an interview; Amy supervises a disorganized Mike.
Selina's book finally arrives. Jonah has a big meeting. Dan, Ben and Kent grab a drink.
Season Six Finale. Selina and her team prepare for the groundbreaking of her library.